The Gabrielle - The Haunting of
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The Haunting of the Gabrielle!
This is not your usual ghost story or mystery.
The intriguing setting for this centuries-old mystery is a fully rigged eighteenth-century sailing ship and an authentic working lighthouse managed by the Granite Ridge Historical Society.
While the main characters—Elijah, Aiden, and Xan Pearson, along with their new friend and neighbor, Charisma Trescott—may be young, they are energetic and charming. As they investigate a haunting, they will risk everything to solve this mystery with the help of a ghost they soon realize they share an unusual connection with. The investigation forces them into dangerous situations unlike any they have faced before—but they can’t waste time when so much is at stake!
The Pearsons are a strong, hardworking family who are adjusting to their new lives on the New England Coast, where they live in a lighthouse with their grandmother. But a corrupt family is trying to take over the lighthouse and the Gabrielle, with consequences that could be devastating to their family and the community.
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