The Gabrielle - The Haunting of
Serena Totzke Johnson
The ultimate success in my life is my family, I believe they are truly amazing! We enjoy spending time together, camping fishing, and traveling. Also the usual busy summers full of ball games, swim meets, youth football, and scouts.
I’m the wife of a supportive, caring, and hardworking man and the mother of three wonderful kids: two strong, handsome sons and a warmhearted, beautiful daughter. Over the years it has been a blessing to watch them grow into such special, caring individuals.
My full-time career has revolved around education in emergency medical services, nursing, firefighting, and the Army. Each aspect of my career has connected to the others in some way. I find my work extremely fulfilling. Every day is new and exciting, and being able to help others has always been a great reward! 
I began taking writing classes while I was in nursing school, but I have enjoyed creative writing since childhood. When our oldest son was struggling with reading because too few books appealed to him, I thought that writing stories with characters our kids could relate to might help them realize that reading can be an entertaining journey with no boundaries.
It comes as no surprise to my family and friends that I chose to write my first novel about something I have always found fascinating and have been passionate about my whole life—the world of paranormal activity!
Join me on this exciting new adventure, if you dare!
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